Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well we had the couple who are taking over from us come to stay last night. And today while driving with Steve it hit me tears flowed(as they are now) we are really leaving!

I want to leave as  no.1 reason I can't send my children off to boarding school and no.2 I have a lovely house in Dalby waiting for us to make it a home!

BUT!! I don't want to leave friends who I don't see regularly enough but they are their, down the end of the dirt road when I need them. I am going to miss everyone and wish it wasn't a 1600km trip to say "Hi"

I have been packing, recycling my grocery boxes into packing boxes.I have many small boxes! easy to carry but wow there are a lot!

We are all a little excited about our next adventure but also a little worried what lies ahead.

Dalby House

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  1. we'll be sad to see you gone

    but :-) I think you'll have plenty of northern visitors passing through Dalby throughout the year! Keep that spare bed made up, I reckon there will be plenty of through traffic.

    and with the www and blog? you will be never too far away!