Saturday, February 26, 2011

Horses Theropy

Back at Gilgunyah and Steve has been breaking in Chuck...he's been a super star! Steve came back from a ride with Jess (ride no. 4) and said he went great he even cantered a straight line. That's great for a young horse and he's got a wonderful nature. Yesterday I bathed him and sprayed no knots in his tail all without a look sideways. Loves a feed and a brush so hopefully he will keep up the good behaviour. The first time Steve got on him he walked around the yard once and stopped for a pee ! now that's relaxed.

Jess rode both Oscar and Ruby today then jumped on Willy for a quick ride in the round yard and walk around outside. This was her first ride on a big horse and she's keen to get back on tomorrow. Now I need to get my act together and start walking and exercising because it's hard watching and encouraging everyone killing me I so want to ride and be part of the fun..hard work...reward...that's riding!

More action less groaning!! starts tomorrow Sunday to be precise.

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  1. dont you just love a good natured horse, he'll be a real mate (and I dare say pain in the bum if the feed shed gets left open!)and the kids will be on him in no time!

    good luck to Jess for her big horse rides, and go Jaki - I too need to work on the fitness thing - Trevor thought he was funny suggesting that he bring over the forklift to assist me mounting my horse (I didn't think it funny at all!) I would have a very tall horse to ride though....