Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snoring Husbands

Ho Hum I have a snoring husband...I should be sleeping but not with the noise coming out of Steve!

What do I do?

He has started snoring on his side so rolling doesn't work anymore !

Anyone got some ideas?

He keeps telling me I am not tired enough to sleep...that's not the case.

There is a break in the rumble so I am off to try and sleep again, maybe I will dream of our holiday only 2 and a half sleeps to go counting this half!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Packing for our Southern Adventure!

I have started packing for our trip to Victoria it hard to get excited about winter clothes when it's so hot hear today. We will be going from one extreme to the next but very excited to be visiting my relatives.

Our trip starts Tuesday with the flight to Melbourne via Brisbane and Tuesday night we will be in Yackandandah  about 3 hours north of Melbourne and close to the Vic/NSW boarder. Close to the beautiful town of Bright known for the beautiful Autumn leaves and on the way to the snow! We are booked into a motel for three night so will have plenty of time to visit Omi and have a look around.

Next stop Ballarat to visit my cousin Ken who I haven't seen for too many years. Steve and the kids are looking forward to visiting Sovereign Hill and if the weather man keeps his word it will be very cold but dry so fingers crossed it stays like they are predicting.

From Ballarat we head south to Inverloch to catch up with more family and also a trip to Phillip Island to see the fairy Penguins. Wednesday and Thursday we are booked into the Princess Park Motor Inn and a walk to the Zoo and it all ends with us flying back on Friday 13th OH lucky I am not superstitious.

I had better keep packing!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to the Spencers Blog!

Hello and welcome to my first blog attempt...Inspired by my friends Mel and Sharron I am giving this ago!

This will be a blog of everything and nothing just whats happened and happening to the Spencer family who live @ Gilgunyah Station....

Let me introduce us...

Stephen and Jaki  with our two cherubs Ryan and Jessica.

We have Horses, dogs, cats, chooks, calves, budgies and a pet Galah Mike...all too many mouths to feed but wouldn't dream of parting with any of them.