Saturday, February 26, 2011

Horses Theropy

Back at Gilgunyah and Steve has been breaking in Chuck...he's been a super star! Steve came back from a ride with Jess (ride no. 4) and said he went great he even cantered a straight line. That's great for a young horse and he's got a wonderful nature. Yesterday I bathed him and sprayed no knots in his tail all without a look sideways. Loves a feed and a brush so hopefully he will keep up the good behaviour. The first time Steve got on him he walked around the yard once and stopped for a pee ! now that's relaxed.

Jess rode both Oscar and Ruby today then jumped on Willy for a quick ride in the round yard and walk around outside. This was her first ride on a big horse and she's keen to get back on tomorrow. Now I need to get my act together and start walking and exercising because it's hard watching and encouraging everyone killing me I so want to ride and be part of the fun..hard work...reward...that's riding!

More action less groaning!! starts tomorrow Sunday to be precise.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are heading home!

Finally looks like we can head home. There are no cyclones yet or floods yet so we are looking to pack up and start the journey home next Wednesday. I am so looking forward to seeing my hubby it's been nearly two months! The kids need to get back to routine of school it's a little hit and miss here. And I need to stop spending money!! that's also a little too easy and a big eye opener something I am going to have to watch when we leave Gilgunyah. I have had my ups and downs while here and it's going to be so hard to say good bye (crying as I type) ...the more I read about this bloody cancer the more I know the end is near.

I love you Dad and that will never change but it doesn't make saying good bye any easier...when I get home I will post some funny pictures of dad but here are some resent ones now!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Glenelg Equestrian Centre

Jess and Oscar have been on an excellent adventure! spending most of December, all of January and some of February at Glenelg owned by an long time friend Keith Low. Jess and Oscar spent 5 days at camp with Lisa at another property Keith runs called Horse Garden. After the first day Jess was planning her next camp! is were you can find them and also on facebook were you'll see some pictures of Jess at camp!

Jess has been having lessons with Keith and her confidence has grown as has her determination to get Oscar going! I have been sitting in on a few lessons with other riders gaining heaps so look out pony clubbers lol Keith along with Shena educate and ride horses for owners at home and shows. Georgina keeps everyone fed and organised as well as doing her share of riding... Jess is planing her work experience! it's every horsie girls dream.

My dream list has an arena like this on it I am not greedy we can survive without an indoor!

Birthday Cake!

This is Ryan's idea of a slice of cake! I ordered a double layer thinking it would be like Mrs Holden's wow did I get it wrong!! The cake was three times the price of a Hughenden bakery cake but well worth it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long Time no Blog!

Long time no blog but I need to get back to it!!

I am still on the coast with Dad enjoying being with him but now worried about my is one bloody big worry but lets focus on the good!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN my baby boy is 12 years old we had a great day started with lollies for breakfast while opening his loot! Steve was on the phone for the happenings. Then we went to Aussie World at the Ettamoga Pub and had a blast! We met Granny there and I even went on rides but the third one was my undoing very nearly disgraced myself and covered the birthday boy.
We topped the day with a beautiful dinner and the tallest sponge cake I have ever seen (will post pictures tomorrow)