Monday, January 16, 2012

Where's Ryan??

Early Birthday present for Ryan! After a trip to Toowoomba to buy a school bag and spend a gift voucher we came home with the following...and as you do with all new clothes! we had to try them on straight away!

Friday, January 13, 2012


It has been a long time coming but I am back!

I have been here nearly 4 months and have decided today I must make the move official in Blog World anyway!

I still have boxes to unpack and we are still eating off the outdoor table! but I have made the move to buy a dining room table and down size our car....tears and more tears over my faithful old mate! She has looked after me and my family and am feeling a little sad to say goodbye. Call me crazy but have bought a Rav4, the kids have named it the mini beast!, it's BLACK lucky we have nice rainwater and only a short dirt driveway! Next Thursday is the day I hand over my old faithful for the newer sporty model (I am sounding like a man with a midlife crisis!)

Ryan is a High School boy he starts Monday 23rd and Jess starts year 6 the same day so I will be home alone and looking for a job! I have been doing up my resume something I haven't had to think about for 16 years and isn't that a long time.

So new year and lots of new exciting things happening chat soon

New plants

New foal "Monty"

New job for Steve "Grassdale Feedlot"

New oil can Jess and Steve found on the road while out riding!

All taken with my New camera!! loving taking photo's again :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Day...

Head is buzzing with schoolwork...I thought those days where over when I left my uniform behind too many years ago to remember!

But here I am schooling year5 and year7 as well as trying to do everything else like check waters and chase weaners out of corners!! so different to my school days on the Sunshine Coast.

So why is it so hard to sit down and fill in the enrollment forms for Dalby South State School??

I was riding around dodging spear grass and thinking about how hard it will be for the kids to go to school and then it hit me...what about me! For all my complaining about School, Elluminate and Bloody Japanese I am going to miss the connection I have with my children...I am scared they will not be mine for long and it won't be long and they will have their own adventures. When you're with them 24/7 and I might not talk to or see another person for a week (besides Steve!) they are my best friends.

I know every mum has the same feelings but I will go from all to more eating breakfast in the schoolroom or wearing your PJ's to school. Until today I have been excited but now I am worried not so much for Ryan but more for Jess but more for ME!

Leaving my friends, loosing my children and husband all day and having to go and find a job it all seems so scary! so that's how my day is going and I am looking forward to tomorrow...I have had enough of today!

School Memories!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dad and Chocolate

Dad and Chocolate at North Shore Beach November 2009
before the problems started doing what they both loved to do!



Well we had the couple who are taking over from us come to stay last night. And today while driving with Steve it hit me tears flowed(as they are now) we are really leaving!

I want to leave as  no.1 reason I can't send my children off to boarding school and no.2 I have a lovely house in Dalby waiting for us to make it a home!

BUT!! I don't want to leave friends who I don't see regularly enough but they are their, down the end of the dirt road when I need them. I am going to miss everyone and wish it wasn't a 1600km trip to say "Hi"

I have been packing, recycling my grocery boxes into packing boxes.I have many small boxes! easy to carry but wow there are a lot!

We are all a little excited about our next adventure but also a little worried what lies ahead.

Dalby House

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Horses Theropy

Back at Gilgunyah and Steve has been breaking in Chuck...he's been a super star! Steve came back from a ride with Jess (ride no. 4) and said he went great he even cantered a straight line. That's great for a young horse and he's got a wonderful nature. Yesterday I bathed him and sprayed no knots in his tail all without a look sideways. Loves a feed and a brush so hopefully he will keep up the good behaviour. The first time Steve got on him he walked around the yard once and stopped for a pee ! now that's relaxed.

Jess rode both Oscar and Ruby today then jumped on Willy for a quick ride in the round yard and walk around outside. This was her first ride on a big horse and she's keen to get back on tomorrow. Now I need to get my act together and start walking and exercising because it's hard watching and encouraging everyone killing me I so want to ride and be part of the fun..hard work...reward...that's riding!

More action less groaning!! starts tomorrow Sunday to be precise.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are heading home!

Finally looks like we can head home. There are no cyclones yet or floods yet so we are looking to pack up and start the journey home next Wednesday. I am so looking forward to seeing my hubby it's been nearly two months! The kids need to get back to routine of school it's a little hit and miss here. And I need to stop spending money!! that's also a little too easy and a big eye opener something I am going to have to watch when we leave Gilgunyah. I have had my ups and downs while here and it's going to be so hard to say good bye (crying as I type) ...the more I read about this bloody cancer the more I know the end is near.

I love you Dad and that will never change but it doesn't make saying good bye any easier...when I get home I will post some funny pictures of dad but here are some resent ones now!