Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charter Boat! what Charter Boat

Ryan wants to go fishing for his Christmas our running joke at the moment is Ryan saying Charter Boat and Steve saying What Charter Boat!...I live in a house of funny buggers lol

Now my task is to find a Charter Boat and book it for the few days we are all on the Sunshine Coast before Steve has to fly it's now me asking What Charter Boat?

hmmmm I am a little worried about these!

But if he has this experience it will be all worth it!
So off to the web I go and onto the phone from there. I am so glad it's Steve going so far the shortest  tripis 5 hours! good father and son time xoxo

6am Alarm Set

 My little angel has gone to bed fully dressed complete with socks on ready for a 6am rise! It's just gone 10 o'clock PM! and her last words were...I hope I hear the alarm it's pretty late and I am tired! I hope she hears it too!
She wants to get a ride in before we do some school...yep Sunday School again! Steve needs a hand to put a mill back down next week when it dries out. So we don't want to miss anymore school and will do an extra day tomorrow.
Oscar and Jess are getting ready for camp...they are off to Glenelg Equestrian Centre run by an old friend Keith Low. This is Jess and Oscars Christmas present and Jess is over the moon just hope Oscar is as enthusiastic as she is! So the prep has begun with riding and keeping Oscar looking good. I can see by the disapearing Show Sheen she's comitted to the task just wish she was this comitted to her school work!


My little girl...
The second picture for some strange reason made me think of Anastacia!! the little blonde's the glasses...funny how you think of very different things way off target.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Cry

Here is a picture the morning we left Dad to head home. We are heading back south on the 1st December for how long I am not sure. The hard part is Steve can not stay he has to come back and will spend Christmas by himself. I love my husband truly, madly deeply and I can't imagine what it will be like to be away from him for such a family event. Steve never complains, hugs me without a word when he sees the tears streaming down my cheeks and shares a tear with me.

I have been reading Kirsty's blog and it has been touching...sometimes I feel like I am the only one in the world this is happening to...then I read other peoples pain and think of friends and family who have lost loved makes me mad that so many people young and old with plans, dreams and ambitions are taken away from us.

I cry because I am going to loose my dad
I cry because my children are going to miss their Pop
I cry because Dad wanted to help Steve with jobs at Dalby
and I cry just because....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ryan and Jesse

Another shot by Mel Driscoll from Mel Driscoll photography Ryan and Jesse competing in the 40cm jump

Jess and Ruby

A great fun photo taken by Mel Driscoll Jess and Ruby competing in The Wagon Wheel

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gymkhana Fun

What a great day we all had Saturday! Very busy but loads of fun.

Our club uniform is White Shirt, Beige Jodhpurs and Maroon Tie. All the children looked great and I was so happy that everyone made the effort to try to have the correct uniform. It's all about having a go and trying your best.

My two were little stars they both sat up there with big smiles and had a go at everything...I am a very proud Mum!! Ryan had a buster off Jesse in his first event but got back on to finish the day and was second in his age group. Jess did a great job on Ruby and she came first in her group.

For all the headaches the day caused prior it was a great success with smiles everywhere.