Monday, August 8, 2011

My Day...

Head is buzzing with schoolwork...I thought those days where over when I left my uniform behind too many years ago to remember!

But here I am schooling year5 and year7 as well as trying to do everything else like check waters and chase weaners out of corners!! so different to my school days on the Sunshine Coast.

So why is it so hard to sit down and fill in the enrollment forms for Dalby South State School??

I was riding around dodging spear grass and thinking about how hard it will be for the kids to go to school and then it hit me...what about me! For all my complaining about School, Elluminate and Bloody Japanese I am going to miss the connection I have with my children...I am scared they will not be mine for long and it won't be long and they will have their own adventures. When you're with them 24/7 and I might not talk to or see another person for a week (besides Steve!) they are my best friends.

I know every mum has the same feelings but I will go from all to more eating breakfast in the schoolroom or wearing your PJ's to school. Until today I have been excited but now I am worried not so much for Ryan but more for Jess but more for ME!

Leaving my friends, loosing my children and husband all day and having to go and find a job it all seems so scary! so that's how my day is going and I am looking forward to tomorrow...I have had enough of today!

School Memories!


  1. its a big change Jaki, but once you get yourself settled and into a new routine, it won't be so bad - you will appreciate your "me" time, and cherish the family time after school and on weekends...and hoping you get a job that you really enjoy. And perhaps some time to do some of the fun things you've been wanting to.

  2. ps: I am a bit the same, I will be solo after my baby boy heads off to school next year...and the new year seven to highschool thing (of which kate will be the first year to do so) just makes me so cranky I can't express it in words.