Monday, January 16, 2012

Where's Ryan??

Early Birthday present for Ryan! After a trip to Toowoomba to buy a school bag and spend a gift voucher we came home with the following...and as you do with all new clothes! we had to try them on straight away!

Friday, January 13, 2012


It has been a long time coming but I am back!

I have been here nearly 4 months and have decided today I must make the move official in Blog World anyway!

I still have boxes to unpack and we are still eating off the outdoor table! but I have made the move to buy a dining room table and down size our car....tears and more tears over my faithful old mate! She has looked after me and my family and am feeling a little sad to say goodbye. Call me crazy but have bought a Rav4, the kids have named it the mini beast!, it's BLACK lucky we have nice rainwater and only a short dirt driveway! Next Thursday is the day I hand over my old faithful for the newer sporty model (I am sounding like a man with a midlife crisis!)

Ryan is a High School boy he starts Monday 23rd and Jess starts year 6 the same day so I will be home alone and looking for a job! I have been doing up my resume something I haven't had to think about for 16 years and isn't that a long time.

So new year and lots of new exciting things happening chat soon

New plants

New foal "Monty"

New job for Steve "Grassdale Feedlot"

New oil can Jess and Steve found on the road while out riding!

All taken with my New camera!! loving taking photo's again :)